In-House Vs. StartUpWeb

What's best for you?

Do you need someone in-house?

Unless you are gigantic corporation you might now need an in-house employee. 

The cost of bringing one person into the office isn’t just the employee salary but also the cost of the office space and equipment they use to perform their duties. 

Choose StartUpWeb which shares it’s staff of experts between multiple clients to bring the cost down for you.

IN-HOUSE Employee

For large companies with
$1,000,000's of revenue.
$ 3,800 Monthly Salary (PLUS)
  • Expensive Office Space
  • Cubicle, Desk & Chair
  • Electricity & Internet
  • Computer & Software
  • Insurance & Health Care
  • Workplace Perks & Benefits
  • Admin & HR Department


StartUpWeb Agency

For small to medium sized companies with $100k's of revenue.
$ 195 Website Care Plan
  • Signed Proposal
  • Project Manager
  • Graphics Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Social Media Marketer